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“Fitness Foundations: ⠀⠀⠀⠀
1) Training Frequency, a must to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Some studies support training muscle groups twice a week not only stimulates and elevates muscle protein synthesis but also allows us to become more efficient in recovery.
2) The balance of volume and intensity comes with switching between strength and hypertrophy work. Here’s the best part of this cycle as that strength training will also help us in volume training during our hypertrophy days, therefore increasing more reps for weight. An increase in volume will only help us push heavier loads when we hit strength days once again.
3) Progression or progressive overload. This is a side effect of what we gain with strength and hypertrophy days which allows us to either move more weights or get more reps. The stronger we get at our exercises the greater our results will be in muscle gains. Strength has been associated with having a direct correlation to Muscle Size.
4) Practice, by training more frequently we are having a second go at the exercises during the same week. Keep in mind the more you do exercises that you are only going to get better at them as well.

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Several muscles have more than one origin, and this can be reflected in their names.
E.G: A biceps muscle has two origins, A triceps muscle has three origins, and a quadriceps muscle has four origins.
Some muscles are named after shapes.
E.G: The shoulder muscle, more properly known as the deltoid, has a Delta-like or triangular shape; the trapezius has a trapezoid shape; the serratus has a serrated or saw-toothed shape, and the rhomboid major has a rhomboid or diamond-like shape.

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