Maximum Curves and Functional Strength

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1.Anyone who has at least three months of consistent weight training experience
2.Individuals who have completed the Women’s beginner program


The 6-week Maximum Curves and Functional Strength 1 training program is designed to:
1. Introduce you to the intensity technique of superset training.
2. Strengthen your core and primal movement patterns.
3. Train all of your major muscle groups.
4. Build muscle/curves in the 9–11 rep range.

Maximum Curves and Functional Strength

The program is a four-day training split, which means that you will divide your body into four and train each of the three sections in a separate workout.
Since you are training in the 9–11 rep range and therefore using heavier weights than you used in the Women’s beginner program, you will be resting a little longer between sets and exercises.


  1. Rest for 1–2 minutes between exercises.
  2. Always use an amount of weight that makes completing the reps challenging.
  3. Complete all of the sets for one exercise before moving on to the sets of the following exercise.
  4. Try to develop a mental connection with your muscles.
  5. Rest for 30–90 seconds between sets.
    6.Whenever you have to increase the weight, add a maximum of 5 lb (2.5 kg) to upper-body exercises and 10 lb (5 kg) to lower-body exercises.
  6. Complete the workouts (A, B, and C) in the order presented.
  7. If you can’t perform one of the exercises for some reason, see the overview for alternative exercises.
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