Incline dumbbell fly

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Exercise Details:

  • Type: Strength
  • Main Muscle Worked: Chest
  • Force: Push
  • Mechanics: Isolation


  1. Lying On An Incline Bench Press the Dumbbells Overhead with the palms of your hand turned towards you.
  2. Continue lowering the arms slowly to your side until the weights reach your chest level, keeping your arms extended.

What Muscles Do Dumbbell Flyes Work?

  1. Secondary Muscles Worked.
  2. Pectorals. A dumbbell fly also targets the muscles in your chest.
  3. Deltoids. One of the main muscle groups worked in a dumbbell fly is your deltoid muscles in your shoulders
  4. Movement. Execute your dumbbell fly with perfect form to ensure you are working the proper muscles.

1. Hold a dumbbell on each hand and lie on an incline bench that is set to an incline angle of no more than 30 degrees.
2. Lie backward, and as you do so, kick the dumbbells up into position over your chest, one at a time.
3. Flex your elbows slightly, and internally rotate your shoulders so that your elbows point out to the sides.
4. Spread your legs and plant your feet flat on the floor.

Variations: You can perform regular flyes and also twisting flyes where your initial position starts with the thumbs facing each other instead of the pinky.

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