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Exercise Details:

  1. Type: Isolation pull

2. Synergists : None

3. Target muscles: Wrist Flexors

Note: Do not simply hold the bar in your palms and flex and extend your wrists.

Begin by holding the bar in your fingers, and perform this exercise in 4 steps:

  1. Clench your fists so the bar is lifted into your palms.
  2. Flex your wrists.
  3. Extend your wrists.
  4. Unclench your fists so the bar drops back down into your fingers.

With this method, you will combine clenching your fists with flexing your wrists, which will both improve grip strength and build mass in your forearms.

Keep your body and arms straight; only your wrists shoulder move.

Keep your back close to the pulley.

You can use the behind the back cable wrist curl to build mass in your forearms.
However, as with all wrist-curling exercises, you should avoid using very heavy weights, which can hurt your wrists.
Your wrists are not designed to curl very heavy weights.

Effective forearm-building exercises that are safer on your wrists include the farmer’s walk, dead hang, and barbell reverse curl.

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