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So without getting into the query less directly jump on the 8 Things You All Need To Know About Your Healthy Food Life.

  1. APPLE: > Breakfast – Apple Contains Pectin Which Lowers Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Levels.
    > Dinner – Pectin Is Hard To Digest At Night, Increase Stomach Acid.

2. NUTS : > LUNCH – Lower Risk Of Blood Pressure And Keeps Healthy Heart.
> Dinner – High In Fat And Calories. So Eating For Dinner May Lead To Weight Gain.

3. TOMATO: > Breakfast – Improves Digestion, Increases Metabolism.
> Dinner – Pectin And Oxalic Acid In Tomatoes May Cause Stomach Swelling If Eaten For Dinner.

4. BANANAS: > Lunch – Strengthens Immune System, Improves Skin.
> Dinner – May Lead To Mucus Formation And Disturb Digestion.

5. EGGS: > An Egg Contains Every Vitamin, Except Vitamin C.

6. ORANGE: > SNACKS – Improves Digestion And Increase Metabolism.
> Breakfast – Eating In Empty Stomach May Cause Stomach Irritation and Gastritis.

7. Yogurt: > Dinner – Helps In Faster Digestion Of Dinner, Curbs Late-Night Snack Craving.
> Breakfast – Makes The Empty Stomach Very Acidic And HAs The Potential To DAmage The Stomach Lining.

8. MEAT: > Lunch – Great Source Of Iron< Reduces Fatigue And Vulnerability To Disease.

>Dinner – Takes Around 4-6 Hours To Digest, Can Damage digestive System.

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